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Free Shipping on All Orders!

DIY Cable Pulley System

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This revolutionary portable fitness cable system is the perfect workout device to elevate your fitness routine at home! 

The pulley system comes with a single swivel pulley, a 2 meter cable, and all the parts you need to perform the most important exercises for muscle tone or muscle growth with a loading capacity of 200-250lbs /90-115kg.

"I am very pleased to come across this product. It is smartly designed, functions properly, offers durable quality, and fits my needs. It is a perfect addition for my Garage Gym. I am an "Endurance Guy - Runner/Cyclist" and only had 100 lbs loaded on the pin. The pulley was stable and functioned robustly. The cost of the item is affordable and I intend to purchase more, so I can set up additional pulley stations. "

-Thomas Parker

Maximize a different variation of workouts that will help you increase speed, efficiency, muscle growth, and body performance. With its easy to assemble design, you can bring it on the go and get a workout anywhere!


The cable length is adjustable for any kind of workout, so that you can customize your cable lengths such as a seated lat-pulls or abdominal workouts and many more exercises!

It will help you achieve amazing results to build muscle, burn fat, while strengthening your core. 

EASY TO STORE - No need to fill open space with bulky equipment. The pull system won't take up precious gym space.

0 NOISE - The cable slides efficiently, made with high-grade nylon design, makes no noise when operating so that you can enjoy your workout without distractions.

VERSATILE - Maximize Muscle Growth, Burn Fat, Strengthen Your Body From The Comfort of Your Home.


Premium Quality

The cable can rotate 360-degrees preventing the rope forever from twisting, and its smooth roller ensures good traverse of the rope.  


Pulley / Cable / Loading Pin / Triceps strap / Carabiners as shown on photo.

*Weighted Plates Not Included


Q1. Does this come with the tricep rope as the product image shows?

A1.  No the tricep rope is sold separately. The Tricep Strap is included and carries the same functions as a rope.

Q.2 Does this product come with the cable, pulley, and pin? What is the weight rating for all of it?

A.2 The maximum operating weight/mass is 200-250lbs /90-115kg.

Q.3 Is it easy to be installed?

A.3 Thanks to its lock design, you can install it in a minute or two, and when you don't want to use it, you can easily take it apart so that it doesn't take up a lot of your place. 

Q.4 Can I buy weights for it?

A.4 Yes you can it’s any standard weights that goes over the small post, but make sure the hole is wide enough in the weights to fit. The weight plate diameters is 2.8 inches. The holes of your weight need to be bigger than 2.8 inches.

Q.5 Is it suitable for use anywhere, is it easy to carry and save? 

A.5 This Cable Pull System is not only easy to install, easy to disassemble, but also small in size, easy to carry and transport. You can use it at home, at the gym, at school, in dormitory, etc. 

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