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Free Shipping on All Orders!

Goshopping™ - Dumbbell To Kettlebell Converter-made in America

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✅ Travels easy -- Weighs less than 1 lb. Pack in your bag on your next trip.

✅ Next level workouts -- Turns ordinary dumbbells into awesome workouts. 

✅ Affordable price -- Won't take a bite out of your wallet like other adjustable kettlebell and kettlebell clamp systems. 

✅ Adaptable -- Rubber inserts form a solid grip on dumbbell handle. Fits the most common dumbbells available.


Kettlebells are an extremely effective fitness tool. Unfortunately, purchasing an entire set can be expensive.

Good news! Kettlebell Handle converts most dumbbells into kettlebells, so if you already own a set of DBs - you are all set!

In fact, the purchase of one Kettlebell Handle saves the typical fitness enthusiast over $180 in redundant kettlebell weights. Imagine where those savings can go with your next big equipment purchase!

Dumbbell To Kettlebell Converter weighs less than 1lb and is made of impact resistant ABS plastic. Not only does it travel easily, but is extremely durable too. So durable, in fact, that we offer a lifetime warranty for every Dumbbell To Kettlebell Converter sold.

How Does Work?

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure your dumbbell is compatible. As the grip handle of the kettle gryp is 4.5” long, this means the handle of your dumbbell must be at least 4.5” long. Also, the diameter of the grip is 1.5” wide, therefore the handle of the dumbbell must be no more than 1.5” thick.

When measuring the thickest of your dumbbell handle, measure at the thickest point. So, in order to convert your dumbbell into a kettlebell, simply place the dumbbell handle in the grip of the kettle gryp. Make sure you close the safety latch to properly secure the dumbbell. You can now use your dumbbell as a kettlebell.

Compatible with most types of dumbbells

[Product manual]

Length: 28cm/11.02"
Thick: 7cm/2.76"
Support weight: Max 55lb / 24.95kg
Note: This product does not contain dumbbells

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Package include:

1 x Dumbbell To Kettlebell Converter

Lifetime guarantee

We don't believe you will do this, but if you encounter product quality problems at any time, we will replace them for free! Just emaill us to