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3Pcs Rubber Foot Massage Roller and Spiky Massage Ball Set

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Come to try this massager set which heals damaged soft tissue, increasing flexibility and range of motion, while reducing pain and soreness. Its compact size allows you to target specific muscle groups and pain points. Increase blood flow and circulation to your muscles and soft tissue before and after workouts.

Do You Have the Following Problem?

- Plantar Fasciitis
Foot pain is noticeable after bearing weight, getting up in the morning, or sitting for long periods of time.
Using rollers and spiky balls to keep massage can effectively relieve plantar fasciitis
-Cervical Vertebra
Due to poor sleeping posture, improper sitting posture, long-term desk caused neck and back pain and upper limb weakness.
Regular neck massage can relieve neck pressure, prevent cervical spondylosis
- Low Back Pain
Long-term desk, poor sitting posture, etc. cause weak waist muscle strength, resulting in low back pain.
Using roller massage can promote blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain
- Leg Soreness
Swelling of legs caused by strenuous exercise and prolonged walking
Use roller spiky ball massage to reduce accumulation of metabolites such as lactic acid, reduce swelling and pain

How Can the Massager roller balls Help You?

Promoting blood circulation to arrest pain - acupoint reflex design effective improves blood circulation,promotes lymphatic drainage,promotes metabolism,relieves pain in muscles and joints,trests headaches and migraines,and provides good relaxation and regulation for the body

Eliminate fatigue and relieve stress - During a stressful day of work or a tired life,your body needs to relax.The Massage Roller Kit is the perfect massage tool to relieve your neck pain,sore legs,stiff fingers,and more.Charge the next day's work and rejuvenate you!

Multifunctional massage roller balls set - perfect tool to relieve all sorts of muscle pain,not limit to foot.Can use toward legs,hand,wrist,shoulder and neck.Small and compact size let you bring it anywhere with you.Take it wherever you go and relax your feet at home,while traveling,after workout,or in the office.

High-quality design and materials - Perfect ergonomic design, the foot massager is made of environmentally friendly non-toxic PVC material, safe and odorless, durable and durable.

Foot massager roller & Spiky ball therapy set - Deep tissue massager uses a bump design.The foot roller massage balls set will effectively alleviate muscle pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis, post-exercise soreness, muscle tension, and heel spursand provide good relaxation and regulation for your limbs.

Small portable massager set - The foot massage roller and Spike ball set is small in size, 1 blue firm spike balls (2.36in) + 1 blue soft spike balls (2.56in) + 1 roller (2.75 * 6.5in), with three massage strengths, easy to carry, suitable for putting in most sports bags, very Suitable for home, office and travel, massage arms, shoulders, neck and back before and after exercise to relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

Best gifts for runner - This massager Set is the best gift for runners and fitness enthusiasts. Essential exercise tools for weightlifting, yoga, fitness and runners. Relieves sore and tight muscles for faster recovery. Effectively improve mobility and prevent injuries, make life healthier!

[product detail]
Name:3Pcs Rubber Foot Massage Roller and Spiky Massage Ball Set
Material: TPR,PVC
Roller Size:6.5x2.75inch/16.5x7cm
Spiky Balls Diameter:2.36inch/6cm & 2.56inch/6.5cm
Weight: 0.84lb/380g

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Package Included: 
1x Messager Roller
1x Blue Spiky Hard Ball
1x Blue Spiky Soft Ball

Lifetime guarantee
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